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Retirement Incomes and Planning

Jay Ginn opened the event with an analysis on the implications of recent UK pension reforms for women. Whilst Ginn concluded that problems remain, Traute Meyer (Southhampton) argued that recent pension reforms have nevertheless improved the situation of the poorest. Her assessment included a comparison of UK retirement reforms with those in Germany.

Debbie Price gave a presentation on how money is managed by retired couples, something often overlooked by policy. Tony Chiva’s presentation addressed the role and importance of planning for retirement. Finally, Sharon Collard explored workplace pension reforms in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

We were delighted that the discussant for Collard's presentation was Baroness Drake. Drake was one on the three members of the UK Pensions Commission, the body that provided many of the ideas for the UK reforms being discussed. Orla Gough (Westminster University), Bernard Casey (Warwick) and Sarah Vickerstaff (Kent) also contributed their considerable expertise as paper discussants. We are also very grateful to Andrea Winkleman-Gleed from the Working Lives Research Institute, who was a local organiser for the event.

We had approximately 40 participants. This included representation from individuals involved in policy formulation (the Pensions Commission and the Equality and Human Rights Commission); NGOs (The National Pensioners Convention and In My Prime); institutes concerned with retirement issues (the Life Academy); the Trade Union movement (Unite the Union and Union Pension Services); business (Ecorys UK, Walker Crips Wealth Management); and established and early career researchers.

The Women's Library
London Metropolitan University

10.00am - 4.15pm, 6th May 2011

The seminar brought together academics, practitioners and policy makers to explore:

  • How retirement incomes are changing
  • The consequences for work and retirement in older age
  • Effects of changing policy initiatives on retirement incomes
  • The extent to which changes are mirrored across countries



Jay Ginn
University of Surrey / Kings College London
Is gender still an issue for UK pensions?
Download slides (PDF format)
Selected publications on UK pensions (PDF format)

Paul Bridgen & Traute Meyer
University of Southampton
Pension futures in an era of globalisation - Germany and Britain compared.
Download slides (PDF format)

Sharon Collard
University of Bristol
Pension reform: Lessons from international experience
Download slides (PDF format)

Debora Price
King's College London
Behind closed doors: Older couples and the management of household money
Download slides (PDF format)

Tony Chiva
Life Academy
Life and Retirement Planning across the Life Course
Download slides (PDF format)
Tony Chiva CV (PDF format)


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