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The Changing Context of Retirement

Changing Context of Retirement

Bernhard Ebbinghaus from the University of Mannheim presented from his research on attempts by OECD countries to reverse early retirement. His presentation sought to explain why some countries had historically had higher rates of early retirement than others, and why some had been more successful than others at reversing this.

Joanne Crawford from the Institute of Occupational Medicine presented the results of a comprehensive literature review, covering the EU and elsewhere, on the impact of occupational health on the employment of older people.

Madonna Harrington Meyer's (Syracuse University) presentation discussed changes to policy for older people in the US, giving participants a useful perspective from outside the EU.

Finally, James Nazroo from the University of Manchester gave a presentation on pathways into retirement and inequalities in post-retirement outcomes.

A video filmed at the event can be seen here.

Paper discussants were Adrian Sinfield (University of Edinburgh), Colin Lindsay (University of York), Graham Smith (Universities of Strathclyde) and Glenda Watt (City of Edinburgh Council).

We had approximately 50 participants including local public policy officials (from the City of Edinburgh Council), and representation from the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission, charities (the Scottish Pre-Retirement Council), NGOs (The Scottish Pre-Retirement Council), and established and early career researchers.

David Hume Tower, Conference Room, George Square
University of Edinburgh

10.30am - 3.30pm, 25th February 2011

The seminar brought together academics, practitioners and policy makers to explore:

  • How the context of retirement is changing
  • The consequences for work and retirement in older age
  • The extent to which changes are mirrored across countries



Bernhard Ebbinghaus
University of Mannheim
Reversing early retirement in OECD countries
Download slides (PDF format)

Joanne Crawford
Institute of Occupational Medicine
Fit for purpose: current and future impacts of health on retirement decisions
Download slides (PDF format)

Madonna Harrington Meyer
Syracuse University
Changing Social Security in the US: rising insecurity?
Download slides (PDF format)

James Nazroo
University of Manchester
Pathways into retirement and inequalities in post-retirement outcomes
Download slides (PDF format)


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